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Suffern Youth Football and Cheer Joins Taconic Youth Football & Cheerleading for the 2022 Season and Beyond

Hello Suffern Youth Football and Cheer Community, 


    Suffern Youth Football and Cheer is proud to announce that our football and cheer programs have found a new home and will play with Taconic Youth Football & Cheerleading for the 2022 season and beyond.  Each level of football, including our 2021 Rockland County Champion Jr. Pee Wee team, along with each level of cheer will experience many benefits from this transition.  Over the next few weeks, our board of directors will outline many of the details associated with this change.  We are sure there will be many questions around the specifics of this transition, and we assure you that we will be here to answer every one of those questions to the best of our ability.  This change is one that will create more opportunities for our athletes to play, grow and compete at all levels for both football and cheer.  This change, ultimately, will enable the growth and success of Suffern Youth Football and Cheer for decades to come.  


Many of you may be asking, who is Taconic Youth Football and Cheerleading?  The TYFC was formed in February, 2012 and consists of 10 member organizations located in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, & Rockland counties in New York state. Teams competing in the league represent Beacon, Brewster, Carmel, Hudson Valley, Mahopac, North Rockland, Somers, Southern Dutchess, Wappingers Falls, Yorktown and now Suffern.  


TYFC is a member of the American Youth Football (AYF) organization and participates in the "All-American Division". TYFC is also a member of American Youth Cheer (AYC) and participates in the “Big East Division”. AYF/AYC is the world's largest youth football & cheer organization with over 1 million participants in all 50 states & 13 countries.

The Taconic Youth Football and Cheerleading mission statement is:

  1. To inspire youth to participate in Football & Cheerleading, and to practice the ideals of sportsmanship regardless of race, color, sex, creed or national origin, and to bring youth together through the means of a common physical fitness and athletic competition.
  2. That each member organization shall provide a program wherein youth shall receive instruction in the fundamental skills of tackle football, and that each member organization shall provide a program wherein youth shall receive instruction in the fundamental skills of cheerleading.
  3. To promote safe play by requiring member organizations to maintain strict compliance with the bylaws, and the rules and regulations of the league.
  4. To encourage adults to behave in a civil and proper, sportsmanlike manner, and to keep the welfare of each child foremost and free from adult compulsion for power and glory.


For more information about Taconic Youth Football and Cheer visit their website at


Additionally, for more info on AYF and AYC visit the links below.  






Please see our Frequently asked questions page for more info and updates.  As always, please feel free to reach out to us directly at  We are committed to answering your questions and helping each one of our families through this transition.  


Thank you, 

     Suffern Youth Football and Cheer Board of Directors


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